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Discworld Convention

Fantasy Convention

August 8-11, 2014
Palace Hotel

The Discworld Convention is four-day celebration of Sir Terry Pratchett and his glorious astrochelonian-riding pachyderm-borne creation.

The Ankh-Morpork Grand Exhibition is also a four-day celebration of the culture, technology and industry of the great city of Ankh-Morpork, which is coincidentally being held at the same place and time. At least from a certain point of view. This is what you get for hiring a history monk as an event organiser.

This is your chance to spend a long weekend in the company of ... errr ... 799 or more fellow fans*, get to know them, learn interesting things, take in a show, spend all your money at an auction, and incidentally have a great deal of fun whilst doing it.

*Not all of them are fellows.

Advance Rates:
£54 through Jun 30, 2013
£59 through Dec 31, 2013

Terry Pratchett (Author) cancelled

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Discworld Convention

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Discworld Convention 2012  August 24-27, 2012
2013  August 8-11, 2014
2018  August 3-6, 2018

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