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Alcon [visit site]

Anime Convention with Comic, Costume, Gaming and Video Games

September 3-6, 2015
De Montfort University

Organized by Animeleague

Alcon is a fun and friendly 1,400-person anime, gaming, cosplay and general geek/comic convention taking place over an epic four days this 3rd to 6th September in Leicester at De Montfort University! Make sure to register and while places are still available. You can book accommodation at nearby hotels or book on-site via us when you register. Due to venue and insurance requirements we can only allow 18+ into the event. This applies in all situations, even if a guardian is present.

Advance Rates:

Martin Billany (Voice Actor / Anime Parody Creator)
Brentalfloss (Musician)
KellyJane (Cosplayer)
Maggie Blue O'Hara (Voice Actress)
Lawrence Simpson (Voice Actor / Video Editor, TeamFourStar)
TealPirate (Cosplayer)
xthedarkone (Amateur Voice Actor)

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