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Comic Convention with Toys

March 12-13, 2016
McClellan Conference Center

Organized by Sac Conventions

The Sacramento Comic, Toy and Anime Show (SAC-CON) was born on July 1, 1986 at the Sierra Inn (now the Ramada Inn) on Auburn Blvd.
The show had no guests, a little over a dozen vendors tables and less than 200 attendees.

Since then we've moved to the Scottish Rite Center (where we've been for over 15 years - and utilize every single amount of space that we possibly can), have well over 100 vendor tables, and usually host some pretty cool guests.

On March 1, 2015, we moved to our new location, the McClellan Conference Center, where we have room to grow to accomodate you our fans, guests and vendors.

What began as a typical comic book convention has evolved into a mixture of comics, toys, anime, sci-fi/horror and all things dealing with pop culture entertainment.

Our philosophy is and always will be to provide fun, safe, family oriented entertainment for a reasonable price. Where else can you go to get an entire day's worth of entertainment for only $10.00?

The main reason we've managed to survive while many other shows haven't, is because we've never been afraid to try new things. So if you ever have any thoughts or suggestion on how to improve the show, don't be afraid to drop us a line. But be prepared. If we like your idea, we might just put you in charge of it.

Steve Downes (Voice Actor)
Greg Espinoza (Artist, Bodo Genki Studios)
Michael Golden (Comic Artist)
Walter E. Jones (Actor)
Ron Lim (Penciler)
Chris Marrinan (Comic Artist)
Brandon McKinney (Storyboard Artist)
Brandon Jay McLaren (Actor) cancelled
James O'Barr (Writer / Artist)
Paige O'Hara (Voice Actress)
Rikki Simons (Artist / Voice Actor, Studio Tavicat)
Veronica Taylor (Voice Actress)
Tim Vigil (Comic Artist)
Nate Watson (Animation Designer, Lucas Animation) cancelled
Joe Weems (Illustrator)
Renee Witterstaetter (Editor / Colorist)

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Sac Comic-Con

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