Information on Alcon 2016

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Anime Convention with Video Games

September 1-4, 2016
De Montfort University Leicester

Organized by Animeleague

A fun and friendly party convention for anime fans, gamers, cosplayers and general geeks!

This year we are celebrating our tenth anniversary. We have many surprises and announcements in store. So expect to see top voice actors, cosplayers, internet celebs and live bands to be announced.

Alcon will have events and activities going on from 10am in the morning through to 3am at night, including a dealers room, anime screenings, anime bar and night-club, artist ally, roleplaying, card-gaming, video-gaming room, another room for retro-gaming, a cosplay cafe, DDRing, J-Culture, Cosplay Hangout, events, panels and much more, there is something for everyone, with more special events than you can shake a stick (of pocky) at!

Advance Rates:
£48 through Jul 8, 2016

Brentalfloss (Musician)
Jessica Calvello (Voice Actress)
Cosplay Burlesque (Performing Arts Group)
KellyJane (Cosplayer)
Lawrence Simpson (Voice Actor / Video Editor, TeamFourStar)
TealPirate (Cosplayer)

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