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Jamie Mortellaro Actor
Erica Luttrell Actress
Kaye Cosplay Cosplayer
Jen Cohn Voice Actress
Gigguk YouTube Personality
Hana Bunny Cosplayer
Hayden Daviau Voice Actress
Chris Kluwe Football Player / Writer
Julie Shields Voice Actress
Samantha Sawyer Comic Artist
Ben Affleck Actor
Em Sauter Cartoonist / Author
DaRapNerd Musician
BeatLayers Studio
Lady Staba Cosplayer
Spencer Stoner Author
Kevin Frane Translator / Author
superlog Illustrator
Mercy Edwards Voice Actress
Cole Feuchter Voice Actor
Lantana Band
Lauren Mary Kim Actress / Stuntwoman
haru Singer
Aly Michalka Actress
Project: StarLight Dancers
Kristi Rothrock Voice Actress

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Daman Mills Voice Actor
Kaiji Tang Voice Actor
Ani-Mia Cosplayer
Ryan Thompson Web Comic Artist
Darkstar Studios
Syrin Harte Cosplayer / Dancer
StarSlay3r Professional Gamer
Kid Yuki and the Otakus Band
KCBCosplay Cosplayer
The Game Chasers Game Collectors
Pat Contri Writer
Norman Caruso Gaming Historian
Andre Meadows Producer
Black Nerd Comedy
James Rolfe Video Game Nerd
Joan Vinge Author
Morgan Berry Voice Actress
Greg Wicker Game Show Host
Greggo's Game Shows
Kiba Cosplaying Corgi
Clara Venice Musician
Fred Patten Anime Expert
Stan Lee Comic Legend
DaRapNerd Musician
BeatLayers Studio
Paul Esquer Cosplayer
The Props Shop
Ashley Montgomery Cosplayer
The Props Shop
Jewel Staite Actress
Jason Momoa Actor
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