Covcon 2020 Information

Covcon 2020

Covcon 2020
October 3, 2020 Cancelled
The Sports Connexion
Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry

Comic Convention with Fantasy, Media, and Sci-Fi programming

The team at Covcon feel it is vitally important that we are honest and transparent with you.

We could have gone on and taken a see what happens in a few months mentality but we all feel and know in our hearts that the answer is in plain sight.

That answer is that we do not believe that we can put on an event this year which would not be hamstrung by social distancing measures.

Above everything else we must put the safety of everyone attending and we also have to ensure that we produce an event that is truly enjoyable for all.

Whilst social distancing measures are required and are sensible to help protect us all we just cannot and we will not produce a diluted version of the show.

We have, therefore, taken the very difficult decision to postpone the event this year.

We have already announced a new date of Saturday 8th May 2021 and we will be working hard to re-book the guests already announced.

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