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NECON 2013

NECON 2013
September 28, 2013
Newcastle City Library

Anime Convention

With September right around the corner, it is time to once again invite your friends and dust out your best cosplay - NECON III is almost here!
For the third time in Newcastle upon Tyne, manga and anime fans from across the north will meet AT NEWCASTLE CITY LIBRARY, to get to know each other, pitch their cosplays to the judges, and many more fun activities for the day. And even if you're not a big time aficionado of modern Japanese culture, NECON invites everyone to join the celebration. Whether you read all-time bests such as Death Note and Bleach, enjoy the fantastic animated exploits of Gainax and Studio Ghibli, or prefer old school titles such as Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon, or even if your interest simply lies in popular culture with talents such as Homestuck, Portal or My Little Pony, this September 28th, NECON III will be the place to be!

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