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TrekGate 2014

TrekGate 2014
August 30-31, 2014 Cancelled
Sixt Autovermietung Düsseldorf Nord/Hilton Hotel
Dusseldorf, Germany

Science Fiction Convention

"TrekGate - End of a story

2010 an idea growed to a convention - 2014 all this ends in ruins.
It started with a lot of enthusiasm and it ends now.

We tried all we could to save the event, but we have to tell you now, that it will not happen. WIth the end of TrekGate a dream ends. It was a 4 years fight to give Star Trek and Stargate fans a great show. We put 4 years full of energy and private hold money in all this.

But now we can't anymore. There were not enough ticketorders, we can't definitely say why. There is no more private held money, that we can put into TrekGate.

It hurts us deeply, to know all the anger and disappointement of all of you, Fans, Agents, Actors and all oft he involved people, because it was also our dream.

We fought until the last second to make it happen anyway, but we failed.

As you might ask now for the refund, we first have to get an overview over all. As the payments have been used for different things to pay in advance, we first have to see, what we might get back from them. After that we can see, how and when we pay back yout money.

Give us a little time.

Roger and Alex"

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