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E. Jason Liebrecht

Austin, TX, USA

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E. (Ernesto) Jason Liebrecht has been working as an actor & performing artist based in Austin, TX for over a decade. As a voice actor, he has voiced quite a range of characters; favorites include (but are not limited to!): Qrow in the upcoming season of RWBY, Champa in DBSuper, Dabi in MHA, Beast Titan & Zeke in AoT, Charce in Astra, Yato in Noragami, Takizawa in Eden of the East, Hei/BK201 in Darker Than Black, Principal Ench in Shin Chan, Lavi & Millenium Earl in D. Gray-man, John Brown in Ghost Hunt, Train in Black Cat, Syaoran in Tsubasa & Cardcaptor Sakura, Jeice in Dragon BZ Kai, Lucci in One Piece & Finnian in Black Butler.

In the realm of gaming, Jason can also be heard as Champa & Tapion in the DBZ game universe, Lo Wang in Shadow Warrior & Shadow Warrior 2, Mordecai in Borderlands 2, 3! & The Pre-Sequel, Bane, Hawkman & Eclipso in DC Universe & Abel in Street Fighter IV & X Tekken, among others

Jason is also a long-time company member with world-renowned, devised/ experimental, Austin-based theatre company, the Rude Mechs; highlights include a Lincoln Center-commissioned piece in NYC, several residences at Yale University & most recently as the titular character in their profane adaptation, Fixing King John.

Additionally, he has a number of on-camera credits in independent projects & network supporting roles in Richard Linklater's Waking Life, NBC's Revolution & Chase, John Ridley's American Crime, AMC's Fear the Walking Dead (& The Son), USA's Queen of the South, Rooster Teeth's Day 5 & an upcoming feature film, Rearview Cataclysm.

A more complete list of credits can be found on IMDB & behindthevoiceactors.com...
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