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Anneli Heed

Stockholm, Sweden

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After taking the internet by storm thanks to her voice acting abilities as the Swedish dub of Spitfire, Anneli has quickly become associated with Swedish Spitfire.

Anneli has a number of different acting roles in the Swedish dubbing of My Little Pony and in addition to being known for Spitfire, also performs Spike, Sweetie Belle, Cheerilee, Photo Finish, Princes Cadance, Queen Chrysalis, and the singing voices for Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and a number of other background characters.

In addition to her voice acting roles in My Little Pony, Anneli also provides Swedish dubs for Littlest Pet Shop, Transformers: Prime, Hotel for Dogs and a number of other animations. Anneli also has experience with stand-up comedy and impersonation.

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