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Rajia Baroudi

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Rajia Baroudi is most known for the role of Delphine, the leader of Aquitar on the hugely successful television show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She is humbled and amazed by the impact that this role has on people, globally, and is very proud to be a positive role model and teacher. She followed that success with the role of Jara, on the popular Big Bad Beetle Borgs. She was privileged to appear in supporting roles in two of Garry Marshall's films, Dear God, The Princess Diaries and has also appeared in several exceptional short films as well.

Rajia was a proud members of the Filmmakers' Alliance, in Los Angeles and fell into a thriving voice over career that took advantage of her extraordinary skill as a chameleon of culture. Mastering flawless dialects and languages, she was asked do Voice Over work on one of the most successful video games of all time- the role of the Female Monk on Diablo III, and various roles in the World of War Craft's Panderia.
Rajia has also been the voice in many commercials for luxury brands, and the ever fun "Mootopia", milk campaign.
Rajia's forays into the world of Sci-Fi continued with George Lucas' Clone Wars, as the Zyggerian Queen. This was quickly followed by her on screen performance as the power monger Czarina, in Neil Johnson's Starship Rising. One of her favorite roles was that of a Southern corrections officer, in "Monster".

Some of Rajia's other talents include a writing, theatre and production design. Rajia was nominated for an Ovation Award for the production of Equus, as Jill, directed by Ron Link at the West Coast Ensemble and The Pasadena Playhouse. Other stage productions include Imamu Baraka's The Dutchman, as Lula and Modigliani as Beatrice.

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