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For any of those that don't know me, this is a little introduction. As a cosplayer I've been featured by a lot of different media (my most well known probably MGSV Quiet that went viral via Kotaku and Destructoid or Lilith cosplay featured in the Rexon video and shared on Borderlands social media) and I currently especially enjoy combining my love for video games and cosplay. I stream frequently on, I am a partnered streamer and supported by ASUS ROG UK. I often stream and cosplay from League of Legends.

Modelling wise I tend to stick to the geeky and flamboyant side of things and my favourite projects have involved working for Lvl up Wear/Kombo and Angels the costumiers. I do also voice act, under an alias for the most part (work references can be given on request) though I think my favourite thing I ever did was being Navi in The Zelda Project's video!

Convention Guest Appearances

  • GoblinCon 2017 - September 30 - October 1, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey

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