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A native of Spokane, Washington and known as the "man of 10,000 sound effects", Michael Winslow solidified himself as a pop culture icon when he played the hilariously mischievous Larvelle Jones in the Police Academy franchise. He is also largely remembered as the eccentric Radar Technician from the Mel Brooks' movie hit "Spaceballs" where he enchanted audiences with several funny faces and interesting sounds.

Michael's resume is truly impressive and includes various work spanning decades from the ever-popular 1990 TV show "New Kids on the Block" to the 1992 classic "Harry and the Hendersons" all the way to popular cartoon series such as "Robot Chicken" (2006) and "Family Guy" (2002). You may also remember him as Spencer Wilson from the 1986 TV series "The Love Boat"! And Michael is no stranger to video games - he can even be heard in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas! Michael's unique, wacky brand of comedy alongside his unparalleled gift as a voicetramentalist is what makes him so well loved around the world. A respected comedian and actor of both television and film, Michael is also a staple in other realms of entertainment such as voiceovers and stand-up comedy. This versatility has enabled him to travel from country to country leaving audiences breathless from laughing and astonished by his superhuman sound making talent.

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