August 24, 2018

News for Amazing Comic Con Aloha 2018:

Amazing Comic Con Aloha Cancelled Due to Hurricane

by Patrick Delahanty, Administrator

Amazing Comic Con Aloha Cancelled Due to Hurricane

Amazing Comic Con Aloha announced at 9:44am HST today, what would have been the first day of the convention, that it would be rescheduled due to Hurricane Lane.

The announcement by Jimmy Jay, founder of Amazing Comic Con states, "We watched the weather closely and as hurricane lane weakened we made a decision to utilize the vendors, talent and media that had made it to Hawaii to still move forward with our show but due to circumstances beyond Amazing Comic Conventions Control the convention center became unavailable for use. The safety of our attendees and guests is paramount to us."

In response to those who have asked about refunds after flying in for the convention, they have been told, "Thank you for reaching out, I completely understand your concerns and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. We are currently working with the convention center to see what our options are with regards to the future of the event. As soon as we have a full assessment of what the situation is, we will be in contact with our attendees ASAP when more information becomes available. If you have additional concerns or questions please feel free to send us a message or email."

There has been no new date for the convention announced, but that doesn't help those who had already flown in for the convention who are upset that they likely won't be able to fly back for the re-scheduled convention due to travel costs. Had the convention, Hawai'i Convention Center, or Hawai'i Tourism Authority decided to cancel sooner, perhaps on Wednesday when a hurricane warning was issued, travelers who had not arrived would very likely have been able to reschedule or cancel flights with their airlines for no fee.