British Science Fiction Conference 1937 Information

British Science Fiction Conference 1937

British Science Fiction Conference 1937
January 3, 1937
Theosophical Hall

Science Fiction Convention

On Sunday, January 3rd.1937, the first - but, we hope, not the last - British Science Fiction Conference was held in the Theosophical Hall, Leeds. Approximately 20 fans or authors attended, Speeches were given in the morning by prominent persons attending, and in the afternoon, discussions ensued on ways and means of improving British science fiction.
The organising of the Conference commenced during September 1936, and in the following month, D.W.F.Mayer was appointed Conference Secretary. Fans all over the country were circularised and notified of the event. Notices of the Conference were printed in fan magazines in England and America, and the Conference attracted so much attention in this country that a notice appeared in the columns of that high. class journal "Armchair Science ", which, we think, is that magazine's first reference to science-fiction.

In the last fortnight before the Conference, several delegates were unfortunately obliged to cancel their decisions to attend, due to attacks of influenza or other illnesses, but at last the great day came and passed, and the long-awaited event proved an unqualified success.

The Conference has been held, and a British Science Fiction organisation has resulted. When and where will the next Conference be held? What will it produce? For the answer to these questions, we must wait for the future, or the present of a time-travelling machine.

Attendance Information

20 total people (estimated)

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