The London Convention 1939 Information

The London Convention 1939
May 21, 1939
Ancient Order of Druids Memorial Hall

Science Fiction Convention

On 21st May 1939, Druids Hall was again host to a convention - called simply "The London Convention". Among the forty-eight who attended were a respectable number of out-of-towners including George Ellis and Eric Needham of Manchester; Dave McIlwain, Ron Holmes, Eddie Ducker, L.V. Heald, and John Burke of Liverpool; Phil Hetherington from Northumberland, and Sam Youd (a.k.a. John Christopher) from Hampshire. The afternoon session was enlivened by Arthur C. Clarke (during a break from playing his usual role of straight-man to Bill Temple) who organised a general knowledge quiz between a team of provincials and one of Londoners (the provincials won). W.J. Passingham and Prof. A.M. Low gave speeches and the SFA gained a number of new members from among those who attended.

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48 total people

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